About Us

More than just a place for tourists and summer mansions, Sag Harbor is the low-key alternative to the Hamptons with its own supply of salty, crystalline air and waterfront views. But despite its many charms, it was once near impossible to find great coffee in the beach town. That all changed in 2016 when Kyle Sanderson opened Grindstone Coffee & Donuts. 

Moving from Cleveland to Sag Harbor in 2014, Kyle worked at K-Mart to support his family while dreaming up Grindstone Coffee & Donuts. When the shop opened with the help of Kyle’s close friends and family, who all moved from Cleveland to help out, Grindstone’s freshly made brioche donuts and organic coffee instantly bridged the gap between locals and the Sag Harbor summer crowd. 

Today Grindstone Coffee & Donuts has continued serving Sag Harbor. In a town built on summer business, we’re proudly open every day (yes, even Christmas and New Year’s) #GrindstoneNeverCloses. 

Our brioche and cake donuts are made fresh daily with european style butter and natural, never bleached or bromated flour in a small batch process that takes two days to complete. The result is an incomparable, buttery donut with a golden crust and an almost substantial chew. But don’t take our word for it. Even The New York Times agrees Grindstone Donuts have a denser, more cakey and delicious consistency than most. 

We top each doughy morsel off with house-made glazes and fillings cooked up with local ingredients and seasonal fruit. It takes baskets of summer berries to make our blueberry and raspberry glazes and our signature strawberry jelly. In the likely event that one donut just doesn’t cut it, we also make custom giant brioche donuts for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions… Or just plain old regular occasions. We’re the last ones to judge. 

Our full espresso, drip and cold brew coffee menu is made from single-origin, organic coffee beans roasted fresh in-house. If coffee isn't your thing, we also make a mean hot chocolate and have a bunch of fancy artisanal teas and tea drinks, plus legendary homemade almond milk if you’re into that. 

It’s hard to use the word “unpretentious” without feeling like a douche, but that’s who we are. We’re serious about great coffee and donuts, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. At the end of the day, our donuts and coffee just taste really fucking good.

If you can’t make it down to Sag Harbor to visit us, we’re expanding with wholesale retail options soon. Stay tuned for the well-caffeinated and delicious future of Grindstone Coffee & Donuts.