Emerson's Blend Espresso


A perfect blend of lightly roasted Organic Colombian and medium roast Organic Honduran. A perfect blend of bright citrus fruit and baking chocolate bitterness. The coffee we use for all espresso based drinks in the shop!

  • 3/4 lb bag
  • The blend used for all drinks at Grindstone Coffee & Donuts

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Call ahead to place an order and to hear about our current selection of donuts. We are currently offering in-store pickup and curbside pickup.

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Order and pay right here, then present your order number to our staff to receive your order of the Hamptons' best coffee and donuts. 

Party Donut

Cakes are fine, but a donut the size of a spare tire is obviously better. We make giant custom brioche donuts for any occasion. Just give us a call two days in advance and we'll make all of your wildest dreams come true.